Advantages of using our VoIP Service in the Hotel Industry

VoIP is recognized as an effective phone solution to cut telecommunication costs and to provide excellent customer service in hotels.

Aside from cost-savings, there are a number of benefits you can get when you switch to a dependable VoIP phone system for a hotel. Benefits include:

  • Promoting effective communication.
    VoIP phone systems come with multiple included features, some of which are call hold, call forwarding, voicemail, extensions, and more. Plus, most VoIP services offer free on-network calling and included long-distance calling to help enhance communication across your business channels. Through VoIP’s reliable communication features, such as integrated wake-up, auto attendant, and call routing, hotels can allow their guests to easily set up wake-up calls, book a restaurant reservation, or request a valet or food service at any time.
  • Improving employee productivity.
    It’s easy to imagine the incoming and outgoing calls and messages your hotel staff needs to deal with on a daily basis. With VoIP’s ability to sync phones and route calls, you and your employees can accomplish more tasks smoothly throughout each business day. By using features like advanced call forwarding and call transfer, call management can become easier with voicemail and auto attendant. Also, using a VoIP telephone solution will help your hotel staff manage the calls within the network and calls to outside users.

VoIP solutions cost less because they use your existing internet connection to make and receive calls. When compared to an old fashioned telephone system, VoIP is much more simplistic and can help you save big. In fact, switching to VoIP can help you save up to 70% on your monthly phone bill!
Additional cost advantages of using VoIP in a hotel are:

  • A Reduction in infrastructure costs.
    Hotel administrators have the capacity to lessen the costs of communication infrastructure through VoIP. This telephone technology utilizes existing local or wide area networks, thus eliminating the need for separate networks for phones and data, which will help cut costs significantly. With a hosted VoIP solution, your business can save up on infrastructure costs while providing the right tools necessary to provide excellent customer service as well as improve the work productivity of your employees. You can further lessen your infrastructure costs when your hotel makes the big switch to a hosted VoIP solution because your service provider will be responsible for operating and maintaining the infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Lower multi-site communication and expansion costs.
    A VoIP solution can reduce the cost of extending the hotel network, eliminating duplicate infrastructure. If your hotel opens a new facility in another site, you no longer need to install or maintain additional cabling since the system can link the new facilities to the existing one without delay or disruption. Also, it enables your group to handle all its communications from a single source without keeping a dedicated +team for each site. And because internal calls and calls between connected sites are free of charge, you can lower your multi-site communication costs.

Why Switch to a VoIP Phone System from a Traditional Phone System for a Hotel?

  • VoIP phone systems include more enterprise-grade features and productivity tools when compared to a PSTN service.

With impressive VoIP features like the auto attendant, call forwarding, and follow me, a VoIP system can help hotel managers and the staff to communicate with ease from any place at any time. Thus, delivering top quality service and world-class experience. It’s no wonder that many hotels are transitioning from a traditional copper-wire telephone system to a VoIP telephone service.

In the hospitality industry where communication is key for a smooth and successful business operation, using a hotel VoIP system will enable you to connect effectively with your employees while also enabling you to provide your guests with top-notch customer service.

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